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Tue Jun 1 16:51:53 EDT 1993

In <9306012004.AA24009 at meenie.Princeton.EDU> Agustin Lobo asks:
>  Anybody could provide me with the address and/or phone numbers of EOSAT
>  and the EROS Data Center (what a name)? I have to buy a LANDSAT image.

To contact the customer sevices section of the EROS Data Center
(I kind of like the name :)) call (605) 594-6507.  They can 
provide info about ordering a LANDSAT image.  Have you tried
GLIS?  Telnet to glis.cr.usgs.gov and follow the directions from
there - it may save you time - besides you can find an 
incredible amount of info on GLIS (Global Land Information System).

Let me know if you have other questions?

Pat McClanahan		Internet:mcclanah at dlgeo.cr.usgs.gov
EROS Data Center 		 mcclanah at edcserver1.cr.usgs.gov
Sioux Falls, SD

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