grass doug at nps.unm.edu
Tue Jun 1 17:05:20 EDT 1993

	Ther seems to be two versions of RIM for grass on a SUN.
	One of these is an interactive version and the other is 
	somewhat menu driven, and its screen looks like so:

	   s.db.rim            MAIN  MENU          (V 1.4)
                         No Data Base Currently Open.

                 1  Open a data base
                 2  List available data bases
           ----------- Retrieve/Output Site Records (0 currently) ---
                 3  Find sites in proximity to a Target point
                 4  Query to select site records (SQL)
 -------         5  Show selected site records on Terminal
    1_           6  Display maps/selected sites on graphics terminal
 -------         7  Output selected site records to Printer or File
                 8  Create a site_list from selected records
           ------------------- Add/Edit Site Records -----------------
                 9  View a single site record
                10  Add a new site record
                11  Change an existing site record
                12  Delete one record or all selected records
           ------- Other functions -- Shell Command -- Exit ----------
                13  Make a new data base & Management Functions
                14  Execute a shell command
                 0  Done -- Exit from s.db.rim

                       (OR <Ctrl-C> TO EXIT THIS PROGRAM

	Can anyone tell me how to get this menu driven version compiled?

Doug Bradley

UNM-CPSU Albuquerque

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