DOS pc as an x-terminal with GRASS

Mark S. Gregory mg at
Thu Jun 3 12:21:17 EDT 1993


We are trying to use a DOS pc as an x-terminal to run GRASS.  We can run
GRASS fine, we just have trouble with the GRASS Graphics Monitor.

We are using a DELL 486/50P.  The network operating system is PC-NFS 4.0. 
The X-Windows software package is eXceed v. 3.2 for Windows.  (Windows 3.1) 
The video screen display is 800x600 at 16 colors.  The SUN OS is 4.0.1 with
OpenWindows 2.0.

We get the following errors when we issue the command d.mon x1

Graphics driver [X1] started
X Error: BadMatch
   Request Major code 78 ()
   Request Minor code 0
   ResourceID 0x8006a
   Error Serial #17
   Current Serial #18

Please start graphics monitor <x1>
Error - Graphics monitor <x1> not running!
Problem selecting x1.  Will try once more

With the same hardware configuration but using eXceed for DOS (not windows)
we can again run GRASS but in this manner we can get a graphics monitor
started and can even display vector data with a d.vect command.  When we 
issue a d.rast command, however, we get a core dump and the GRASS graphics
monitor disappears.

While we would prefer to use the Windows, any thoughts on either situation
would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Mark Gregory                          mg at
Oklahoma State University             (405) 744-6417

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