Dumb Terminals and SUN's

Raymond Venneker venn at geo.vu.nl
Fri Jun 4 05:16:48 EDT 1993

> Subject: Dumb Terminals and SUN's
> Has anyone successfully tied a dumb terminal (VT100) into a SUN in a
> manner similiar to many Image Processing Packages?  This would provide
> a vt100 terminal for keyboard entries and leave the entire SUN display
> available for graphics pane(s).
> Thanks, Craig Anderson

We have several setups: right now I'm using GRASS on an old PC emulating
a vt100 connected to a Sun IPC which is in another room. We have a few
Suns with dumb terms attached to /dev/ttya. Also, we have a few dual
19'' screen Sun workstations. Below follows my modified GRASS4.1 script.
On my pc/vt100, I have no graphics (no d.* commands). If started from
the dumb term, I fake $DISPLAY to :0 so d.mon doesn't complain. In this
case, I must be logged in on the console as well. For the dual screen
setups, OpenWin is brought up on both screens (the cursor can flip to
to either one), and I start up grass with :0.1 as argument while I'm
running from display :0.0.

I hope this is of some use,
       -Raymond Venneker, Earth Sc., Free Univ., Amsterdam

# grass4.1 VUA 06/93 GRASS Startup Script
# Usage: grass4.1 [display]

GISBASE=/home/map/grass4.1/sun4 ; export GISBASE

## check if we're on a dumb terminal ##
if [ `tty` = /dev/ttya -o `tty` = /dev/ttyb ]
	DISPLAY=:0 ; export DISPLAY

## not OpenWin and not dumb terminal ##
if [ ! "$DISPLAY" ]
  echo "`basename $0`: no graphics available, you should be running 'openwin'"
elif [ $# = 1 ]	## argument given ##
	DISPLAY=$1 ; export DISPLAY

exec $GISBASE/etc/GIS.sh


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