GRASS4.0 plots with HP 7550 Plus penplotter

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Fri Jun 4 11:48:10 EDT 1993

				Utrecht (the Netherlands), June the 4th 1993
Dear readers,

Working at a governmental environmental organization (the DCMR Milieudienst Rijnmond), I am trying
to plot maps, using MAPGEN in GRASS 4.0 for the HP9000. A HP 7550 Plus plotter (penplotter) is
available, but I have got problems using it.

When running MAPGEN, MAPGEN failed, giving the error message: first run M.SETPROJ. After compiling
M.SETPROJ, this command asks for a projection and parameters. However, I have got no recent
documentation on the amount and values of the parameters required.

Therefore, I would like to ask:
- Can someone provide documentation on the usage of the HP 7550 Plus bij GRASS 4.0 ?
- Can someone provide documentation on the usage of M.SETPROJ, or give instructions, how
  to use MAPGEN, without using M.SETPROJ ?
- Are there possibilities to plot maps by using other commands ?
- Are there possibilities to plot raster maps with this plotter ?

Thanks in advance.

Sincerily yours,

Marc Groenenboom
bdatyd at

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