Dumb Terminals and SUN's

Darrell McCauley mccauley at ecn.purdue.edu
Fri Jun 4 13:01:13 EDT 1993

Craig Anderson (caa at noaacrd.Colorado.EDU) writes on 4 Jun 93:
>	Just how do you go about setting up this particular hardware config?

>Could you give more consice instructions.  


hook up terminal; edit ttytab; restart init

or precise?

1. hook a cable from the terminal to the ipx (say serial port A). 
   if the serial port is not an rs232, your workstation should have 
   come with an adaptor

2. as root, edit /dev/ttytab and turn on ttya

   ttya	"/usr/etc/getty std.9600" unknown on local  

3. as root, 'kill -1 1' (this simply restarts the init process)

>	Our hardware config. is a SUN IPX which is a client in a client 
>server network.  And we are running SUN-OS 4.1.2, preferably running under
>OpenWin 3 .


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