Dr. Roland D. Mower's paper

Chin Shien Wu johnwu at forestry.auburn.edu
Fri Jun 4 12:05:03 EDT 1993

Dear Sir:
I found a paper called "USING LANDSAT DIGITAL DATA TO IDENTIFY EROSIONAL ZONES IN THE CUENCA ALTA DEL RIO BOGOTA" written by Dr. Roland D. Mower (University of North Dakota, Institute for Remote Sensing) and Eng. Myriam Ardila T. (Centro Interamericano de Fotointerpretacion), but I could not find when and where it was published. I am interested in this paper and I am going to cite this paper in my dissertation. Could any one tell me this information or e-mail address of Dr. Roland D. Mower?
Any information will be very appreciated.
Thank you very much.

John Wu

e-mail: johnwu at forestry.auburn.edu

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