i.points using digitizer input

Bernd Munier bernd at ruc.dk
Tue Jun 8 10:39:42 EDT 1993

Hi folks!

Last week i put a question on the list, asking for a problem which I have
had (and still have) when using digitizer input to i.points. This simply
doesn't work, ie. GRASS will not read from the digitizer. This occured
in GRASS 4.0 and 4.1, even though I made the right setup, and v.digit works
(I made the 'old' setup under GRASS4.1 too).

Has anybody other expiriences, maybe positive ones, in this direction

What about ortho-rectification, does this work with digitizer input of map

Waiting for a response, greetings from
		Bernd Muenier
		Roskilde University
		Dept. of Geography & Data Science
		POBox 260, Build. 19.2
	DK 4000 Roskilde, DENMARK

		Phone (+45) 46 75 77 11  ext. 25 54
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