d.3d hardcopy

Scott Madry madry at deathstar.rutgers.edu
Sat Jun 5 12:37:14 EDT 1993

Is there now a way to produce hardcopy of d.3d output in Grass 4.1?

Yes, we do it here on Suns by:

1: create your d.3d in your graphics window with a white background.
2: going into the programs window in openwindows and choosing snapshot.
use snapshot to save a snapshot of the graphics frame. Sometimes it is
nice to also create a 2-d of the same image, text, your logo, etc.
3: save the snapshot image
4: then use the r.in.sunrast command in grass (r.in.sunrast input=
   snapshot.rs output=snap.3d)
5: g.region rast=snapshot.rs
6: d.erase and d.rast the snapshot.rs to be sure you go it right.
7: p.map the raster file snapshot.rs with no other options (vectors, grid,
   etc. A 1 panel or n inches wide option works fine.

This works fine for hard copy outputs. Keep in mind that you should have
as large a display frame as possible that will be "snapshot", as the final
printed product of a small frame will be significantly less detailed. This
technique aslo works well for scripted demos where you dont want it to 
slowly create a d.3d or anything else that will take too much time. I don't 
have other systems, so cant help if you dont have suns. 

Scott Madry
Center for Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis
(The former Cook College Remote Sensing Center)
Rutgers Univ.
madry at ocean.rutgers.edu

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