Andrew Hertz hertz at geog.psu.edu
Sat Jun 5 18:29:27 EDT 1993

> 	I'm  still hoping to find the apparently simple solution to my problem with "s.db.rim".  I'm guessing that the description of my problem is not clear.  So I would like to try again.  
> 	In the past, that is before compiling GRASS4.1, I was able to bring up the menu driven "s.db.rim".  This is very useful wich holds over 2000 archaeological sites.  
> 	Now, I'm only able to get this type of response from "s.db.rim"
> s.db.rim
> OPTION:   Name of data base to open
>      key: database
> required: NO
> enter option >
> 	What I'm wanting is this type of response from "s.db.rim"
> s.db.rim            MAIN  MENU          (V 1.4)
>                          No Data Base Currently Open.
>                  1  Open a data base
>>> ...rest of menu cut... 
> Does anyone have any ideas??  Thanks to those who have offered help.
> Doug Bradley
> CPSU-UNM Albuquerque
	When I enter the s.db.rim command, I get the menu interface, so I
can only guess at what the problem might be...

It looks like you're getting a command line interface.  Are you entering
any arguments with the s.db.rim command that might start up the command 
version instead of the interactive version?  Are both the interactive and 
command line version of s.db.rim compiled and linked 
(src.garden/grass.rim/s.db.rim/inter and src.garden/grass.rim/s.db.rim/cmd)?

Good luck,
Andrew Hertz
hertz at geog.psu.edu

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