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In <9306082300.AA15974 at> caa at noaacrd.Colorado.EDU (Craig Anderson) writes:

> edited the grass4.1/etc/monitorcap file as follows: (1 of 7, x0-x6)
>            /discs/scsi3/grass4.1/dev/fifo.1a \
>            /discs/scsi3/grass4.1/dev/fifo.1b: \
>            /dev/console:any terminal

> when d.mon is run to start a display screen on the SUN monitor, the following 
> appears:

>[Error: must start x0 from any terminal    ]("any terminal" read from monitorcap file.
>[You are on /dev/ttya                      ]
>[Please start graphics monitor <x0>.       ]
>[Error - Graphics monitor <x0> not running!]
>[Problem selecting x0.  Will try once more ]
>[Please start graphics monitor <x0>.       ]
>[Error - Graphics monitor <x0> not running!]

The specification of /dev/console is saying that d.mon must be run
from /dev/console (even though the user message says "any terminal")

Modify the monitorcap entry and remove /dev/console:
>            /discs/scsi3/grass4.1/dev/fifo.1a \
>            /discs/scsi3/grass4.1/dev/fifo.1b::any terminal
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