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>>From: doug at nps.unm.edu (grass)
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>>Subject: v.db.rim and s.db.rim
>>	I cannot compile these very useful programs without F77.

>May I suggest f2c---fortran to C. A very robust translator

I have hacked around with f2c and I would agree with Gerald.  In fact in 
relationship to Doug original post I remember a telephone conversation
I had with Jim Westervelt (this is purely from memory so no one can
hold me responsible for this!:)) who said he had at one time converted the
entire Rim code to C, it compiled cleanly and ran!! So, you ask, why
doesn't CERL distribute this C version of Rim?  Well, as we say in
the software development world - "What do you mean it has a bug! It compiled
with no errors."  In other words just because it compiled and seemed
to run okay, without extensive testing there is no way of knowing if
the databases are built and maintained correctly.  Any takers for testing
and support???  Maybe Jim Westervelt or Jim Hinthorne might be able
to shed more light on this topic.

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