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Thu Jun 17 13:54:05 EDT 1993

>Date: Thu, 17 Jun 93 07:51:24 MDT
>From: doug at nps.unm.edu (grass)
>To: grassu-list at max.cecer.army.mil
>Subject: v.db.rim and s.db.rim
>	I cannot compile these very useful programs without F77.
>Is there anyone out there on the GRASSy plains that has a binary version of these two progrmthat will work on a Sparc10??  If so would you send me a copy.  It would be really appreciated.
>Doug Bradley
>UNM-CPSU National Park Service

May I suggest f2c---fortran to C.  A very robust translator that I
use in lieu of a real fortran compiler on my Dell SVR4.  As far
as make is concerned, it is totally transparent.  Usable on the Sun
as well.

It is public domain from research.att.com.  Log in as netlib.

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