Hendrik K. Meij meij at pop.psu.edu
Sat Jun 19 16:48:29 EDT 1993

Seems my headers keep me from posting this, so here we go.

  > >       Do I need Motif to compile and run XGrass?
  > Yes, you do...
  Neither answer is informative...
  Mr F. Villa (villa at eagle.bio.unpri.it) helped me out quite a bit so here are
  my experiences. One does not need Motif to run xgrass4.1. In order to
  COMPILE xgrass4.1 at compile run-time, it IS needed. But there is another
  way. Compile grass4.1 without motif. Next grab all the sun4static binary
  SPARC release modules and lift out the statically linked xgrass4.1 and
  insert it into your compiled xgrass4.1. Works like charm ... on a Sparc10. 
  Basically, after unpacking the sun4static release, move xgrass4.1 and
  xgdatabasse to $UNIX_BIN. <unpack_dir>/etc/x* to $GISBASE/etc. I also moved
  <unpack_dir>/bin/x* to $GISBASE/bin. Next you're ready to run.
  May I support Mr. Villa in suggesting the posting of a xgrass4.1 binary
  release as a stand alone unit. Unpacking 72 1MB chunks for xgrass4.1 is
  quite a flow of bytes ...
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