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Jiri A. Randus JIRI.RANDUS at
Sun Jun 20 21:58:09 EDT 1993

Greetings to everyone

I would like to use GRASS for enviromental monitoring of Krkonose
Mountain National Park, Czech Republic. The desired goal is to monitor
the pollution impacts and enviromental assassment in general. So I'm
interested if anyone has already tried to use it for such an application
in order that we could share expiriences with them.

As to the implementation, I'd like to know if there is anyone out there
running GRASS on Silicon Graphics' IRIS Indigo. I guess that GRASS is meant
to run on SUN Sparcs and that the binaries for Suns are distributed, and
I wonder whether there are any modifications needed to compile it for

Also, I'm interested if there are any legal restrictions (copyrights etc.)
which could disallow me to use GRASS in the Park.

I wonder if it's possible in GRASS to create the relation 1:n, i.e.
to define relation for a road for example, which is described in more than
one record in the tabular database. It's not a common feature for
non-workstation GISes, but in my opinion it COULD work here.

And, at last, I'm interested if the client-server architecture is
supported similarly to relational Database Management Systems. I think
that at least X terminal emulation should do the job, but I'd like to know
if there are other ways to do it.

I thank to anyone who is going to answer my question, and I appologize
to all the others for bothering them with this lenghty text :-)


Jiri A. Randus

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