Compiling 4.1

Jim Pirzyk pirzyk at
Fri Jun 25 09:39:23 EDT 1993

In info.grass.user you write:

>	I've taken the plunge and have started to
>install GRASS4.1 on our Sun Sparc 2 with OpenWindows2.0.
>Compilation stops with src.alpha/display/d.labels.  Here is
>the GISGEN output:


>rm -f OBJ/where.o
>cc -O  -I/usr/local/grass4.1/src/include  -c where.c
>"where.c", line 75: warning: statement not reached
>mv where.o OBJ/where.o
>rm -f OBJ/modify.o
>cc -O  -I/usr/local/grass4.1/src/include  -c modify.c

>	Any suggestions on where to start looking for 
>the problem?

>	Thanks for any advice.

Did you solve your problem?  It seems from the output that you did not have an
error.  It should not have died from a warning.  I would not worry about the
warning message if the binaries are working alright.

- Jim

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