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Bruce Powell nps!bruce at
Tue Jun 22 13:11:18 EDT 1993

NPS (National Park Service) has produced three GRASS programs.  These three
programs are: - Creates one or more "polygon" circles in a binary
     vector file.  These circles are created using each point
     from an existing "site_lists" file as the centers for those
     circles.  There is one circle created per "site_lists"
     (GRASS Vector Program) - Copies and converts an ELAS raster file to a
     GRASS cell file.
     (GRASS Raster Program)

     r.out.elas - Copies and converts a GRASS cell file to an
     ELAS raster file.
     (GRASS Raster Program)

"" and "r.out.elas" will transfer multi-byte raster files.  If you 
would like information concerning these programs, please contact:
Bruce Powell, NPS, 303 969 2590.

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