Scott Tweddale tweddale at
Fri Jun 25 15:35:54 EDT 1993

Mr McRae asked if there is a way to convert directly from MOSS export format
to GRASS vector format?

I compiled some notes on this a few years ago when putting together a tutorial
for "Importing National Wetlands Inventory Data into GRASS".  I am sure this
info is in need of updates/revisions, but it might still be of interest.  The
tutorial is available from the GRASS Info Center at USACERL.

To briefly summarize:
A program called AMS2GRASS was written by Chris Emmerich of Autometric Inc.,
Lakewood, CO.  AMS2GRASS exported AMS-MOSS data directly to GRASS.  Analytical
Mapping System (AMS) was designed as part of the Wetlands Analytical Mapping
System (WAMS).   At the time, AMS2GRASS only processed data in a MOSS format, and not a MOSS-export format.  

I will be revising the tutorial and making it available throught the GRASS
info center sometime soon.

Scott Tweddale
U. of Illinois GIS Lab/USACERL
tweddale at

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