SG3d compilation problems

Bill Brown brown at
Fri Jun 25 17:12:30 EDT 1993

> It says that gl_winat is undefined. I can't seem to find it anywhere.

> What is gl_winat?

Good question!  
It turns out gl_winat is used by the panel library if IRIS_NEWS is not
defined when the panel library is compiled.

So edit the file src.contrib/CERL/SGI/panel/9.6/src/Makefile.defs
and uncomment the four lines underneath "IRIS_4D flags with NeWS"
(comment or delete the four lines you were using instead), then
recompile the panel library, then try SG3d again. 

The panel library version is rather old, pre IRIX 4.0, and IRIS_NEWS
was considered the latest OS.

Just a reminder - assuming you get SG3d compiled, you need to rerun
src/CMD/MAKELINKS so Grass knows about the new program.


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