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>I remember there was a bug description from Micheal Shapiro a while 
>ago that told that only the way to use is to use the 
>command line interface.  There is some bug in the questions part of
>the interface. You have to prepare a input file for before you
>run the command.
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Yes, the interactive version had the wrong number of arguments on
an exec() function call. This has been fixed post 4.1. Here is PSmap.c
for the interactive version of See how this compares with what you
have. (src.alpha/

#include <stdio.h>

PSmap(scriptfile, ps_outfile, background)
char *scriptfile, *ps_outfile;
int background;
    char input[1024],

    sprintf(input, "input=%s", scriptfile);
    sprintf(output, "output=%s", ps_outfile);
    if (background && (G_fork() > 0)) exit(0);
    execlp("", "", input, output, 0);
    G_fatal_error("unable to exec");

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