installing xgrass from binaries

Simon Cox simon at
Wed Jun 30 13:37:56 EDT 1993

Following instructions posted here by Mr Meij I have
apparently successfully installed xgrass from the binary
distribution.  However, I had to do a few extra things, and
I would like to know if there is a more elegant way to avoid
some rather rough fixes.

Firstly, I had to make a copy of "xgrass-menu" in my
home directory, except that (unlike what is instructed in
the manual) it has to have the name ".xgrass-menu".

Is there a default location to put this file so that a
new user can start up automatically?

Secondly, I found that xgrass was looking for the dialog-box descriptions
in $GISBASE/etc/a.prog.xclip, whereas the file names distributed in
the binaries were just $GISBASE/etc/a.prog
Easily fixed by renaming the files, but was this necessary?  Or is there
a single string in a file somewhere that I should have changed?

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