installing xgrass from binaries

Andy Burnett burnett at
Wed Jun 30 14:04:28 EDT 1993

In info.grass.user you write:
>Is there a default location to put this file so that a
>new user can start up automatically?

  When xgrass starts up, it looks for xgrass-menu in $GISBASE/etc.  If
~/.xgrass-menu exists, it will read that file instead of the system default.

>Secondly, I found that xgrass was looking for the dialog-box descriptions
>in $GISBASE/etc/a.prog.xclip, whereas the file names distributed in
>the binaries were just $GISBASE/etc/a.prog
>Easily fixed by renaming the files, but was this necessary?  Or is there
>a single string in a file somewhere that I should have changed?

  There is no work around for this, as after the binary distributiion was
compiled, all the *.xclip file names were changed to omit the .xclip.


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