matching maps

Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Wed Jun 30 14:15:25 EDT 1993

"Tom Meixner" (tom at writes on 30 Jun 93:
>	Of course after the maps have been digitized the boundaries do not
>match exactly.  Until now we have been using mask and a short script to match 
>the two maps boundaries and to expand any delineations to the new map edge.
>	I was wondering if there was any more precise and standardized way of
>conducting this matching of basin boundaries or if the method we currently
>use is as good as things get.

this info doesn't do you much good now, but for others' benefit:
whenever possible, trying to digitize the boundary of something first.
Then, g.copy this file and try to register it before you begin
a new set of features. E.g., Texas has boundaries that I would not
want to digitize more than once:
  g.copy vect=boundary.tx,counties.tx
  v.digit (counties.tx)
  g.copy vect=boundary.tx,riverss.tx
  v.digit (rivers.tx)


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