Exporting SGI graphics?

jrk6f at uva.pcmail.virginia.edu jrk6f at uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Tue Mar 2 14:01:04 EST 1993

if screen dumps can be saved as *.gif format, they can be easily
imported using 'gif converter' software (shareware) to any mac
format, preferably color PICT.  Then there are a number of
commercial service bureaus that can capture the images using a
filmrecorder on to slides.  

This is preferable to photographing the screen, as the lens and
monitor distort the images at the edges and they are hard to
focus when showing slides.

We also modified GRASS screen dumps using CANVAS or SuperPaint to
add higher quality text and borders.  This helped to make the
lettering more readable on the slides.  

I dont know if this is what you were originally trying to do or
not -- but its worth trying to find a service bureau with a film

Jim Klein
jrk6f at Virginia.EDU

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