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In info.grass.user you write:


>These errors are probably occuring because of the region.
>The PNT_TO_AREA error occurs when an area is unable to be
>closed.  This may be because a vector is getting cut out
>during the import.  Try setting a larger region when you
>import these.

I may be putting my foot into my mouth, but from what I understand
or GRASS vector processing, most of the processing ignores
the current region (except d.vect and v.to.rast). v.import doesn't
pay attention (this implies applying a function like v.cutter).
Your problem is a topolgy problem.

>I saw a message a while back about the matching error but
>I can't remember what the cure was.  I've run into this on
>my files and if the labels are the same, ie;

>WARNING:  area 3959 label:  255317 matched another label: 255317

>there seems to be no problem.  But if they are different, as in 
>your case I would be concerned.

>Depending on the size of your file, you may want to try to locate
>the areas in question, remove all labels from them in v.digit and
>then relabel them - just a suggestion.

>I'm not an expert on these problems but these are just some
>techniques I've used.


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