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Post the PERMANENT/DEFAULT_WIND file so users can see its contents.
Also post the permission on the PERMANENT directory and the permissions
on the DEFAULT_WIND file. Wither the file isn't in the right place, or has
the wrong format or the wrong permissions.

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>I am having a problem working with g.region. Whenever I go into g.region and 
>try to make any kind of changes on the region I get the following message:
>   > ERROR: default region is not set
>I tried to set the region in several ways (as shown on the menu) and I still gotthe same error message. I do have WIND and DEFAULT_WIND.
>Does anyone have any idea as to what might be the problem ?

>Nadim Farajalla 
>GIS & Environmental Modeling Lab
>University of Oklahoma

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>Did you copy the DEFAULT_WIND file into the directory "/local/home/.../PERMANENT/"? If not, try it.
>Good luck.

>John Wu

Michael Shapiro U.S. Army CERL
Environmental Division       

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