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There any number of things that coudl be wrong:
	(1) is the etc/monitorcap setup correctly. This file
	    isn't installed automatically. You have to edit it.
	(2) the fifos used to communicte with the driver have to
	    (a) agree with what is in etc/monitorcap and
	    (b) be read/write for everyone
	(3) The DISPLAY varible for X applications needs to be set
	    (you can check this just by running an xterm - if that
	    works than DISPLAY is set. If not, then either DISPLAY is
	    wrong, or refers to another host which will have to permit
	    you to use it as a server - via xhost)
	(4) The lock directory has to be writeable by everyone, otheriwse
	    the GRASS locking mechanism will fail.
>d.mon start=x0 does not establish the use of graphics display terminal on a
>Sun sparc 2.  What environment variables have to be set before running xgrass?
>Also, is there any documentation in the grass directories on setting these

Michael Shapiro U.S. Army CERL
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