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Subject: Re: Continuing x-terminal problems with GRASS
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In <199302251945.AA03677 at> guernsey at (S. E. Walker) writes:

>	Thanks to all those who responded to my
>distress signal concerning getting GRASS to display
>on an x-terminal.

>	I tried adding the :0 to the end of the terminal's
>IP# in the setenv DISPLAY command.  However, there are still
>errors:  I'm getting messages like:

>		Graphics driver [x0] started
>		Graph_Set:  can't open (blah, blah, blah):0=
>		Please start graphics monitor <x0>
>		Error - Graphics monitor <x0> not running!

>	The listing of supposedly available monitors
>includes x0.  I'm running GRASS4.0 from a SUN sparc 2.  The
>monitorcap file looks OK, at least to my unknowing eyes.

>	Anything else I can check?

>	Thanks for any advice.

What is the DISPLAY variable set to? Can you run an xterm using
this DISPLAY variable. Check permissioon on the fifos, and locks.

>Sharyl Walker
>Dept. of Agricultural Engineering
>University of Illinois
>Urbana, IL  USA

Michael Shapiro U.S. Army CERL
Environmental Division       

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