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In <9302251602.AA01823 at> bobh at (Bob Harrington) writes: or r.sruf.idw2 use inverse-distance-squared weights to form
average elevation. Generaly this a NOT a good method for surface generation.
These tools are much faster than those in 3.1. No telling how long, but
they take their time. You should expore the new s.sruf.tps which has
a superior model for DEMs from point data.

>I imagine some of you have done this before:

>I have a digitized contour map that I want
>to turn into a DEM. I rasterized the contours
>with, which worked fine, and now want 
>to interpolate all the cells between the contours.

>I am trying to use to do this,
>but I have two questions:

>1. Is this the best way to do this? I expect
>some strange results using, because
>for cells near a contour, all the nearest cells
>used in the interpolation will have the same
>value, so the interpolated cell will just be 
>assigned the same value as the nearby contour.

>2. I launched yesterday on a SPARC 10,
>and it is still working this morning. The map is
>834 by 989. How long is this going to take? 


>Bob Harrington
>Hydrology and Water Resources
>University of Arizona

Michael Shapiro U.S. Army CERL
Environmental Division       

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