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In <Pine.3.05.9302260734.A24664-a100000 at> harry at (Kuo-Chen Chang) writes:

>Hopely someone can help me out of this mystry.

>I just installed GRASS4.1BETA under Linux.  With some minor modifications,
>the new GRASS is up and running.  So far, it is fine except the text display.
>It seems to me that there is no carriage/return and line/feed.  The output
>just dump onto screen as a long long single line.  But when you are in a
>module, for example, r.buffer, the display is fine.  

>The losing of CR/LF continues even after I exit GRASS.  Any comment or
>suggestion is warmly welcome.  Many thanks!


>ps, I suspect, there's something related to termcap that I have to change.

Which programs give you this trouble? The problem is often related
to either poor OpSys implementation of the curses library or GRASS programs
that use curses (or directly to the tty handler) don't reset properly
upon exit. Notable programs are, g.region. We have beat our
heads on and off for years with these tty interfaces and some of these
efforts are included in the 4.1beta test (and most are on the moon).
Look for and libes/vask on moon.


Michael Shapiro U.S. Army CERL
Environmental Division       

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