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In <01GUTU9KOCEO8ZDVO3 at CWU.BITNET> GEOL1 at cwu.bitnet writes:

Simply using the "correct spheroid" won't do it if the conversion
in from NAD27 to NAD83. Apart from using a different spheroid, the
datum is different. NAD83 is earth centered, while NAD27 is not.

>The 175 meter error is of the right magnitude to be caused
>by improper matching of UTM "spheriods".  The DLG data was
>likely produced referenced to the "clark66" (NAD27) spheroid,
>and your GPS may be using a more modern spheroid.
>You could use m.ll2u and m.u2ll to convert your GPS
>control points to the different datum.

>Jim Hinthorne
>GIS Lab
>GIS Lab

Michael Shapiro U.S. Army CERL
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