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Look for v.proj in 4.1. GRASS 4.1 adopted the projection library
from mapgen (which I beleive is based on GCTP). With this you should
be able to project vector data to/from most projections, including
the state plane systems. This capability doesn't (yet) support
NAD27 -> NAD83 datum shift, however. v.transform will only approximate
the transformation. v.proj should do a much better job.

(I would like to say would, but until the beta test is finished and perhaps
well into 4.1 I

>I need to transform some data in ascii vector format and
>state plane coordinates into UTM coordinates.  I noticed
>that v.transform can do this if you provide it with a
>file containing 4-10 transformation points.  Can anyone
>suggest a way to determine these transformation points?
>Also, the man pages for v.transform says that it does not
>work very well with states using the Lambert Conformal
>Conic Projection.  Does it work well at all and how do I
>determine how well it is working?

>Thank you,


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