GRASS Manual

Nancy Greeley ngreeley at
Mon Mar 8 09:56:26 EST 1993

Anyone know of a good, relatively readable GRASS users manual?

Absolutely, positively not.

Perhaps we should go to Mount Sinai and ask for help.  On the other hand,
the user guide coming down from there last time has numerous interpretations,

Seriously, I think that the greatest weakness of GRASS GIS at the present
time is the lack of a truly helpful users guide - something like the book
"Understanding Arc-Info."  Time and $$$, of course.  But without it, taking
up GRASS is like jumping into a black hole.  Less-than-bold computer users
resist.  Computer-familiar users curse.  When you get that special help that
shows you the secret paths of which only the gurus have is
annoying that verbal communication is the only way to get that knowlege.


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