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Tue Mar 9 06:35:01 EST 1993

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> Anyone know of a good, relatively readable GRASS users manual?
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> Absolutely, positively not.
> [stuff deleted...] 
> Seriously, I think that the greatest weakness of GRASS GIS at the present
> time is the lack of a truly helpful users guide - something like the book
> "Understanding Arc-Info."  Time and $$$, of course.  But without it, taking
> up GRASS is like jumping into a black hole.  Less-than-bold computer users
> resist.  Computer-familiar users curse.  When you get that special help that
> shows you the secret paths of which only the gurus have is
> annoying that verbal communication is the only way to get that knowlege.

I agree to an extent, but my experience is that only the first-person-in
with a new software package reads the manuals!  Even the understanding

The GRASS manuals are no less readable than SUN Unix manuals ;-)

Somebody out there was writing a beginners guide I believe, is that


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