Getting Linux

Douglas P. Dotson ddotson at
Tue Mar 9 11:58:47 EST 1993

I realize that this is not exactly the forum for asking this kind of question
but since I have seen several references to LINUX here, I will ask you.

I would like to run LINUX on my 485-25.  I downloaded the linux-0.99.6.tar file
from somewhere (I can't remember where).  It is obvious that this version
is intended to be installed in a system already running UNIX or LINUX.  How
do I get started?  Is there a small bootable LINUX that can be installed,
with tools like make and sed in place.  I already installed gcc 2.2.2 in the
pc and it seems to work OK.  I though that I could build LINUX using this
gcc but without GNU Make etc I an still stuck.

I am an experienced UNIX/GNU person and have installed GNU stuff many times.
Once I get off the ground, I will be fine.

Doug Dotson
ddotson at

ps. I ultimately want to run GRASS on this PC under LINUX.

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