Reading a vector map into rim

Christine Weiss cmw at
Thu Mar 11 14:55:06 EST 1993

Hi. I'm having a problem with the .read_vect command in v.db.rim when I try to add the attribute_field (p.11 in the grass reference manual). I'm using this command:

v.db> .read_vect vegetation [attribute_field]

vegetation is my vector map name

attribute_field is the integer field name in my database layout.
I want the attributes from my dig_att file to be put into this field.

When I use this command. I get the following error message:

Unknown field name: [attribute_field]. Data not added.

However, attribute_field is clearly defined in my screen layout as the integer field:


Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

Thank you,
Ornitte Nagar

Please respond to:  cmw at

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