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Thu Mar 11 22:42:56 EST 1993

Abdel-Rahman%GWGrads%GWave at vines.ColoState.EDU (Abdel-Rahman%GWGrads%GWave at vines.ColoState.EDU) writes on 9 Mar 93:
>D. McCanle/D. williamson;
>Grass users;
>       What is the IP adress for '', is

>is working fine ?,Is there are any GRASS/Semivariograms program via
>anonymous FTP.

s.semivar, a general semivariogram modeling tool, is under development
(by me) and will be available near May 1. It has graphical output
(plots the semivariogram and semivariance points). 

It will be available via anonymous ftp from


>       If any body interesting i have a 2/3 D semivariogram program written
>in fortran and another one for model fitting , is any body interesting to
>help me link them to GRASS. Actually, i need somebody have the experience
>and did link programs to GRASS before so we can work together. I already tested
>these two programs against GEOEAS and GEOPACK and they are working fine.

I might enjoy seeing these (for the sake of comparison).

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