Release 4 of proj

Gerald I. Evenden gie at
Fri Mar 12 11:19:12 EST 1993

             ---------- N O T I C E ----------

Release 4 of the *proj* system of cartographic projection software has
now been finalized and is currently available through ftp/anon on ( as files: 


Documentation currently consists of an interim manual descibing new
features, projections and differences with Rel.3 proj.

Rel.3 of proj is now considered defunct and only the barest support
will be provided.

Installation script now has been checked on five machines:
Dell SVR4-2.2, DEC Ultrix, Data General, Silicon Graphics and
Sun4.1.x(gcc compiler).  I would appreciate any news as to other
installations and notes as to script modifications needed.
As always, contact me if there are questions or problems.

PLEASE: destroy any prerelease (BETA) copies of Rel.4.  There are
        differences between the BETAs and this final release.

If there are any questions, problems or solutions please contact me.


Gerald (Jerry) I. Evenden   Internet: gie at
voice: (508)563-6766          Postal: P.O. Box 1027
  fax: (508)457-2310                  N.Falmouth, MA 02556-1027

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