XDRIVER on Silicon Grphics

Usuario de GRASS 4 grass4 at tilo.datsi.fi.upm.es
Wed Mar 17 16:55:27 EST 1993

Hello Grass-users:

We was working in a project whit  GRASS 4.0 on a Silicon Graphics machine 
running version 4.0 of IRIX. We have developped a command which divides the graphic monitor in four "frames" (it is similar to i.points), and we have a problem :  when we want to do a zoom in the upper rigth frame the monitor dies. First, we thought that there were a error in our code but we discovered the same error in i.points.

I'm going to tell us the problem with i.points, and if some people could help meabout this, I could fix the error in my command. The problem is:

.- First, we start a monitor XDRIVER.
.- We choose the fonts romant:
     d.font font=romant.
.- Run the command i.points.
.- When we want PLOT RASTER in the upper right frame (i.points divides the monitor graphic in 4 "frames") and the cursor is very near of border :
  ! the monitor dies and the message "X Error: Unexpected <EOF> from graphics driver..." appears !

The same problem occurs when we run d.zoom incorrectly  (for example very quickly) but not always.

We think that it is, maybe, a bug in Silicon because this problem doesn't occur in our SUN machine. Does anyone know a solution or has anyone the same problem ?.

There is a function in the i.points code, Text_width("++"), that call to a library function, R_get_text_box, the error occurs in this points (whith the above conditions).

I would very much appreciate any help people could offer.    
Thanks in advance.

Anabel Donadios
anabel at tilo.datsi.fi.upm.es

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