4.1 plotters

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> Date: Wed, 17 Mar 93 12:20:59 EST
> From: cmw at nycparks.gov (Christine Weiss)
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> Subject: 4.1 plotters
> Are there going to be any new plotter drivers released with 4.1? 
> Does the file $GISBASE/src.related/mapgen/graphics/plotter/devlist.c
> contain the complete listing of drivers for 4.0?
> Please enlighten me.  I need to research which plotter I should recommend
> for purchasing.
> Thanks!
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> Christine Weiss				
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> Natural Resources Group
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I can only speak as the designer of MAPGEN/PLOTGEN and not for GRASS
but I do have some recommendations.

First I think you should put your needs first when selecting a plotting
devices and consider such things as max paper size, pen vs. raster,
basic quality of the output (i.e. do you need publication quality) and,
of course, cost.  Most of the pen plotters will not produce adequate
"camera ready" quality output while some of the newer dot-matrix systems
can produce very good output.  Be sure to get real examples from the
manufacturers if this is one of your criteria.

In terms of interfacing to the MAPGEN/PLOTGEN graphics there are quite
a few options available.  And even more options if you have someone
on your staff who can strike a few lines of C code.  For systems that
use HPGL or PostScript there should be little problem.  Also, systems
that use and supply Calcomp compatible libraries can be interfaced
quite easily.

Lastly, if you do not have a C programmer available for a short period
then I suggest that you try to make a list of the plotters that most
nearly meet your needs and query the GRASS group as to which ones have
been interfaced and solicit comments.

Also, please contact me if you have any further questions or need
assistance related to details of the MAPGEN/PLOTGEN interface.

PS: if I were to chose and ideal hardcopy output system, I would
get a four color, 400dpi dot-matris, E size paper, with PostScript.
Probably not yet available without big bucks, but I would settle
for BW and I believe I saw a 32" wide one for around $10k.

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