Jaro Hofierka hofierka at devin.fns.uniba.cs
Thu Mar 18 09:29:32 EST 1993

Dear GRASS users and programmers,

I would like to know whether GRASS has some 3D capabilities to analyse
and model 3D data (i.e.in the format x,y,z,w). There is a lot of
problems especially in geology and meteorology that cannot be solved
satisfactorily using 2D GIS. What state of the art is in GRASS? 
We have developed programs that can geometrically analyse such 
volume data - 3D gradients, curvatures, flowlines analogically as 
in the 2D case where these parameters are successfully used 
(e.g. in erosion modelling). Is there any interest in improving 
GRASS in this field?


Jaro Hofierka
Dept. Cartography, Geoinformatics & Rem. Sensing
Comenius University
842 15 Bratislava
SLOVAKIA                  E-mail: hofierka at devin.fns.uniba.cs

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