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Fri Mar 19 08:56:03 EST 1993

> From: Andrew Hertz <hertz at>
> Subject: Re: Release 4 of proj
> Date: 	Thu, 18 Mar 1993 19:53:34 -0500
> Hello,
> About a week ago there was an announcement regarding release
> 4 of PROJ.  Should this replace the version under mapgen
> in GRASS 4.1 beta?

Rel. 4 of proj can replace Rel. 3 of proj within the MAPGEN/PLOTGEN
system as its interface with program mapdef is unaltered.  The main
advantages to using Rel. 4 are new features, more projections and
availability of a library of projection procedures for software

> gmake'ing of mapgen failed...error message follows...
  ... (text deleted)
> Do I need to set the RANLIB environment variable explicity,
> and if so what should it be set to?

At the moment I cannot help with GRASS installation scripts.  They
are procedures that are written by the CERL folks to make installation
more compatible with the overall GRASS installation process.

As far as RANLIB is concerned, I used this method several years ago
to get around the fact that BSD Unix often required use of the system
program ranlib on object libraries, while SYSV Unix normally does not.
My current installation scripts check for the existance of ranlib
and, if present, attempt to execute it.  Even this does not always
work, so I ignore it when it does not.

> Thanks for any help,
> Andrew Hertz

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