Brian Connelly bac at u.washington.edu
Mon Mar 22 20:46:30 EST 1993


I have a problem when I am running v.support for
a vector file that I have imported using v.in.ascii.
There are two adjacent polygons in the file which share about
four points.  The coordinates in the attribute file definitely
fall within each polygon.  When I run v.support, I get the
error message


for both polygons and attributes.  However, if I create two
separate ASCII vector files each with one polygon and one
attribute, I can successfully run v.in.ascii and v.support.
Has anyone had a similar experience or know why this is
happening?  The points that the polygons share are identically
the same in each polygon list.

Thank you,


Brian Connelly
College of Forest Resources                  phone:  (206) 543-5506
University of Washington  AR-10                FAX:  (206) 685-3091
Seattle, Washington  98195                  e-mail:  bac at hardy.u.washington.edu

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