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sktangel at sktangel at
Tue Mar 23 01:03:50 EST 1993

        I am a grass user trying to extract a DEM from a tape drive. I have not been very successful. Each time i try to extract the DEM i get the message
m.rot90:disc quota exceeded. I checked my disc space there is no problem there
the problem is some where in the execution of the command
m.dem.extract input='  " output=" " blocksize="  ".
can some one solve my problem. I am attaching the error message as i read it    on the computer.
min elevation: 0.000000  max elevation: 0.000000
ns_res: 0.000000  ew_res: 0.000000
# of columns in file = 0
Making system call to m.rot90

m.rot90 input=/ecn/kittyhawk/rent0/sktangel/macalester.w/practice/.tmp/skywarrio output=/ecn/kittyhawk/rent0/sktangel/macalester.w/pract

ice/.tmp/ bpc=4 rows=1292400 cols=360
m.rot90: error writing output file: Disc quota exceeded
ERROR: can't rotate cell file

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