Making paint driver for act2; rerun

Michael Hill mhill at
Fri Mar 26 10:02:39 EST 1993

I put this on the network a few days ago, but nobody bit.

We have discovered an old ACTII printer which still works well, and would
like to use it for output from grass4.0 and 4.1(when I get round to
compiling it). However the driver failed to MAKE in grass4.0 with the
following message:

"ld: Undefined symbol
*** Error code 2"

Have I missed a library update for paint drivers? This was done with the
standard configuration for grass4.0 on a Sparc2 running 4.1.2. First time
we have had a failure!

Hope someone can help.
Michael J Hill
Research Scientist
CSIRO Pastoral Research Laboratory, Armidale, NSW, Australia,2350.
E-Mail address: mhill at

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