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In <9303250118.AA00827 at> cathy at (Cathy Ciret) writes:

>I send another message,the previous one (grid and contour) was
>probably not clear enought.
>I tried to be able to know visually how many cells I've got in
>my raster maps ,so I need to put a grid with rectangular :
>dimension 4.5 lat,7.5 lon.So far,I couldn't get anything
>like this with d.grid,when I enter the coordonnes in size=values
>it doesn't work.
>My questions are:can we get a grid with rectangular cell,and how?
>Is there another command which give the possibilities to overwrite
>this grid on the raster map(i.e get this grid permanently)
>Thanks for your help.

d.grid only allows square grids. That isn't its only drawback. YOu can't
specify the origin of the grid. The only other tool which will do what
you want is d.mapgraph.

Michael Shapiro U.S. Army CERL
Environmental Division       

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