INTERACTIVE Grass 4.0 binaries available

Kenneth R Brownfield brownfld at
Tue Mar 30 07:49:32 EST 1993

Ferdinando Villa said:
|I have uploaded today my gcc-compiled GRASS 4.0 binary distribution for
|SunSoft's Interactive Unix 3.0. Everything is contained in a 19-MB
|compressed tar file in the incoming directory on the moon site. The
|file is isc.bin.tar.Z. I enclose the README file from the distribution
|for more information.
|Hope this will be useful. Best wishes, Ferdinando.

     A slight addition to Ferdinando's comments.  The isc.bin.tar.Z and
isc.bin.README files have been moved to "incoming/OGI/binary".  There will
soon be a new policy for incoming files, debugging data and related info, and
release contributions.  I will announce the new policy as soon as it has
been finalized.
     Please feel free to mail me if you have any questions.
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