graphic monitor under aix-windows environment

Prof. Ricardo Brites BRITES%BRUFV at UICVM.UIC.EDU
Tue Mar 30 14:42:33 EST 1993

Hi, everybody
I'm a new GRASS user in Brazil. I've been in trouble trying to start a graphic
monitor under the aix-windows environment. I've found the file monitorcap and
removed the remark character from some lines. After that the command d.mon star
ted showing some monitors. Anyway I couldnot start them even after checking pat
hs and all the stuff. I suppose I get to use the XDRIVER. Is that true ??
Another problem: my variable GISBASE is always empty.
One more: when I try to create a mapset, the directories Permanent and others
that are supposed to be created, are not.
Please if you can help me, I will be very gratefull if you do so.
Thanks a lot.
Please send mail to BRITES at BRUFV.BITNET.
Faithfully yours,
Ricardo Seixas Brites / Universidade Federal de Vicosa

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