Cliff Behrens cliff at
Tue Mar 30 13:20:02 EST 1993

You should consider upgrading to 4.1beta.  This version has which
allows you to define a legend for a map.  Here are some tricks that I
discovered while trying to put out a black-and-white patterned ps file with
a legend.

For those interested...

I have been using in grass4.1beta to create a ppm file containing a
map with a legend.  Hardcopy is to be produced on a black-and-white PostScript
printer.  I was having problems rescaling the map to fit on  8 1/2 x 11 inch
paper and, when I finally solved this problem with help from this list, my
rescaled map did not include the bottom frame line.  So, here are the tricks...

Last summer I recall a hack posted by Raymond Venneker to restore the bottom
frame line (don't know why this wasn't included in 4.1, but it wasn't):

1)  edit  .../src.alpha/paint/Programs/ as follows:


        Ppictsize (fullwindow.rows+extra_lines, pixels+MARGIN); 
        Ppictsize (fullwindow.rows+extra_lines+MARGIN, pixels+MARGIN);  

    then recompile.

2)  To produce the PostScript map on a B&W PS printer (e.g., an Apple
    LaserWriter), rescaled to fit on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper, issue the following:

      ppmtopgm 'yourfile.ppm' | pgmtops -s 0.5 | lpr -Pps10

    Of course, you will substitute the appropriate ppm file name and printer
    name for your installation.

Thanks to all of you who offerred help in unraveling this mystery!

Cliff Behrens

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