Jim Aanstoos (919) 541-6890 AANSTOOS%LOUIE at rcc.rti.org
Wed Mar 31 16:39:51 EST 1993

>I'm getting an "error in memory allocation" when running r.in.erdas
>This error message appears after a screen listing of some header information, 
>which looks screwy to me. Particularly:
>number cols, rows----------  -1140260864, -1642725376
>Erdas .gis and .trl files were created with ERDAS REV 7.5
>Anyone know what my problem is ??

Your problem is that r.in.erdas can only read erdas version 7.3 headers.
You must first convert the erdas file to a 7.3 format (Using the
erdas command cvt73).

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